Steamboat 2013

Jeff Vincent
over 4 years agoFebruary 25, 2013
need more Chris Lavigne ski face
Steve Rivard
over 4 years agoFebruary 27, 2013
Chris and gang, that is outstanding footage &  steady camera, Warren Miller here we come.
Lindsay Barreiro (Bobby's sister)
over 4 years agoFebruary 28, 2013
This was so much fun to watch. I watched it over and over! Thanks for putting it together. Great job.
over 4 years agoMarch 5, 2013
All I can think is "your life is so much cooler than mine." Fantastic short!
over 4 years agoMarch 5, 2013
Great camera work and editing.  We miss trying to keep up with the Rivards on the slopes.
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